Below is another video from Samuels-Art. Science Slam is becoming a big movement in Germany. It is researchers presenting their work in a more relaxed and a more accessible way, for the lay person!

From people to Wildlife. These Great Spotted woodpeckers were filmed last year. They are very charismatic and we had around 7-10 individuals visiting our feeding station, both young and old.

And now something a lot more up to date. In fact one day old at the day of writing. I filmed this on the same camera I filmed the rest of my films and footage. I got extremely close to the badgers without feeding (or baiting as we call it in the trade). All I had to do was make sure the wind was in my favour. This basically means the wind is not blowing my scent towards the badgers or their holes.

This was my first ever time-lapse. I am quite proud with the amount I took out of this little exercise. Looking forward to doing it again soon. Enjoy!

Music by Kevin MacLeod

Any comments welcome 😉


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