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I came up with this idea last night as I had a lot of time to think, I was in bed by 2130 as I had to get up at 0510 this morning, and couldn’t get straight to sleep. As some of you may remember a few years ago I made a 30 minute film about the wildlife surrounding my parents home in the Scottish Borders. It was primarily for my Masters project whilst I was studying at Nottingham University, but I also co-founded Exposing the Wild, a small company that specialized in wildlife photography and film. Exposing the Wild has now closed as I moved to Germany and my partner decided he no longer wanted to be involved.

After I finished editing the film, I was left with a lot of footage that never got used and a 30 minute documentary that could be improved, a lot! Having submitted my project, I spoke to the lecturers at the university and they let me know what they thought was good and bad. As I wanted to try and work within the industry I got in touch with Sandy Chriton, a professional film maker who had worked at the BBC and I knew through the 2020VISION project. He was kind enough to let me know his views on my film, where I went wrong and what I was doing right.

So, my idea last night was to start making my way back through the project, re-edit, re-record, and fine tune it to the standard I am at now, a year or two later. I had always wanted to do this but never really had the motivation having spent so much time on it previously, all love seems to fade!

So what I am hoping to do over the next month or two, start from the very beginning again. From the initial idea to adding the final effects to the edit, I may, if I have time, try to add a few more shot and follow up some of the stories I had started, we will see.

In the mean time have a look at the original. Let me know what you would want to see improved or you want to see more of. I will try and talk through all the processes I did at the time, what I should have done and what I will do to rectify the problems and issues. In addition, I will talk about what I and other people liked and try to develop the ideas and add insight to what I learned then and where I have used a particular skill in more recent work.

I hope you enjoy the old version…

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